Travis Kelce's fame is taking off now that he's dating Taylor Swift.

Travis Kelce Chiefs jersey sales skyrocket thanks to Taylor Swift

The power of Taylor Swift? That's exactly what Kansas City Chiefs fans are thinking these days, as life is good for star tight end Travis Kelce now that he's dating the superstar singer. But, just how good have things been? 

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Over the weekend, Swift was on hand for the Chiefs game with the Bears, and Kelce finished with a team-high seven receptions for 69 yards and a touchdown. Kelce's fans loved his performance, but he now has even more supporters in his corner. 

According to TMZ, Kelce's Chiefs jersey sales have gone up 400 percent over the past week. No one can argue that Swift is already making a big impact for Chiefs Kingdom, as Swifties are showering Kelce with love: 

Taylor Swift will be on hand for the Chiefs-Jets game on Sunday night

Who knew Kelce's dating life would make the Chiefs arguably the most popular NFL team - hey, winning the Super Bowl last season certainly helps too! Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid have been asked about Swift, which make this even better. 

Kelce's podcast is No. 1 on Apple, he has a boatload of new Instagram followers and more. Not only that, but Swift is showing that she's a pretty darn faithful KC fan too. 

According to multiple reports, she is planning on attending the Chiefs vs. Jets game on Sunday night, which will take place at MetLife Stadium in primetime. Will she be in a suite with Kelce's mom again? Oh, we'd love to see that. 

This Swift-Kelce romance has come in from out of nowhere, but it has captured the attention of millions of people. The sports world and music world have collided and folks are having a ton of fun with how it has played out. 

Swift is easily one of the biggest names out there, and Kelce is one of the best offensive playmakers in the league. This is the best power couple of the year and it's not even close. 

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