• Diogo Jota has dream debut in Liverpool FC win over Arsenal FC

    Talk about a dream debut for new Liverpool FC forward Diogo Jota in the Monday night showdown with Arsenal FC. With the Reds clinging to a 2-1 lead in the Liverpool vs. Arsenal showdown, the Gunners looked like they were getting close to tying things up.  However, Jota had other ideas, as he blas... View Post
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  • English Premier League transfer news updates

    There's just a little over a week left in the English Premier League for the top English Premier League teams to add some power before the summer transfer deadline arrives.  With all eyes on Oct. 5, there are multiple teams looking to strengthen their squads with the English Premier League schedu... View Post
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    The English Premier League was back in full force over the weekend, with the English Premier League schedule providing some incredible games for fans to enjoy. While things won't be finalized until after Monday night's showdown between Manchester City and Wolves, we're taking a quick rewind to se... View Post
  • English Premier League fixtures Matchday 2

    The English Premier League has a full set of games on the English Premier League schedule and there are surely some incredible matchups ahead for fans everywhere to enjoy. Of course the biggest battle of the weekend is the Sunday showdown between Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC, but that's not the on... View Post
  • Christian Pulisic birthday has Chelsea FC fans excited for his future with the Blues

    Leading up to the Chelsea vs. Liverpool English Premier League showdown on Sunday, Blues fans are already celebrating a special day: the Christian Pulisic birthday.  The American, who is sharing the London popularity among USA fans right now with Alex Morgan, is turning just 22 years old on Frida... View Post
  • Thiago Alcantara Liverpool FC move goes through in major boost for Jurgen Klopp

    Just when you thought the Liverpool FC news couldn't get better for the English Premier League powerhouse, Jurgen Klopp and the Reds have struck again with some monster Liverpool transfer news.  That's because per multiple reports, Liverpool has finalized a deal to sign touted central midfielder ... View Post