Sergio Aguero has cleared up the rumors he has decided to retire

Sergio Aguero shoots down rumors he's decided to retire

There's so much concern right now surrounding Barcelona strike and Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero. Earlier this year, the Argentina superstar was diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia and he hasn't been on the pitch since. 

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Aguero's arrhythmia was discovered shortly after he scored in El Clasico against Real Madrid. He was subbed off at halftime and then taken to the hospital, where things were detected. This week, rumors and reports have swirled on Aguero's status, but he has come out and said no decision has been made yet. 

"Given the rumours I can tell you that I am following the indications from the club's medical team, having tests and treatment and seeing how I evolve during the 90 day process. Always staying positive," Aguero said in his tweet in Spanish above. 

As you can see, the goal-scorer isn't going to let this adversity bring him down and he's doing all the can to try and get himself back on the field. The hope is that things can be treated and Aguero can play soon enough. 

At the same time, heart conditions are nothing to mess around with. If the risk is too high, Aguero could end up making the incredibly hard decision to hang up his cleats and stop playing the game he loves so much. 

If Aguero does end up retiring, he'll be remembered as one of the best strikers of his generation. Aguero made his way to Barcelona and La Liga after an incredible career with Manchester City. Aguero will one day have a statue built in his honor outside the Etihad Stadium. 

As things stand, it's up in the air if Aguero will return to play ever again. Millions of fans are hoping the man known as 'Kun' can get himself healthy and back to his usual standout ways. There's truly no other player quite like him out there. 

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