Imelda Gomez has become one of the top soccer freestylers in the country.

Pitch Side TV goes 1-on-1 with star freestyler Imelda Gomez

If you haven't given Imelda Ascencio-Gomez a follow on Instagram at @imelfreestyle, what in the heck are you waiting for?! Gomez, who is as humble as she is talented, has become one of the top soccer freestylers in the United States. 

If you take a look at her IG account, you'll find some truly amazing clips of her showcasing her skills. Here at Signables, we were fortunate enough to speak with Ascencio-Gomez about the start to her career in our latest edition of Pitch Side TV.

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Ascencio-Gomez started freestyling when she was 15 and has since become the No. 4 ranked female in the sport in the country. 

"Throughout the first couple years of my journey, I wasn't competing, I was just training," Ascencio-Gomez told us. "It was more of a hobby for me. In 2019, I did my first USA championship and that was the first year female freestylers had their own competition separate from the males."

In that tournament, Ascencio-Gomez finished in fourth place out of five competitors, which she said was a great experience. From there, she's only seen here talents grow, along with her popularity. 

It's not hard to imagine that with some of the head-turning clips she posts. That includes a video of her freestyling while in a dress and heels. Seriously, take a look at this and try not to be amazed: 

That's just awesome. For more from Ascencio-Gomez on her incredible freestyling career, be sure to watch the full Pitch Side TV video! 

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