Liverpool FC against Manchester United

3 reasons why Liverpool will take down Manchester United in Premier League action

Come Sunday, soccer fans across the globe can't wait for Manchester United vs. Liverpool to don our television screens. The two teams are at the top of the English Premier League table, with United at No. 1 and Liverpool FC at No. 2.

However, LFC has the chance to climb back to the top spot in the EPL with a victory. You're kidding yourself if you think Man United is going to come out on top. In this piece, we provide three reasons why we think the home side will capture the win at Anfield. 

Manchester United's weak defense

While United has seen improvements in recent weeks defensively, its back four can be a total nightmare at times, especially when trying to defend set pieces. Harry Maguire has proven to be one of the worst purchases in Premier League history, and he has not lived up to his record-breaking contract. 

Guys like Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Mo Salah should have countless opportunities to drill shots past David De Gea. Man United has gotten lucky at times this season with its poor defense, but Liverpool FC is simply too good to not take advantage of extra chances. 

Liverpool's home-field advantage

How tough is it to win against LFC as a visitor? Well, the Reds haven't lost a league game at Anfield since 2017. That's right, it's been more than three years since LFC suffered a home defeat. That's insane! 

While Manchester United's record on the road this season has been superb, heading to Merseyside and taking on LFC is a whole different animal. Jurgen Klopp's men know exactly what it takes to protect their home field. We expect the same to take place on Sunday, as we're predicting Liverpool to win 2-0

Liverpool has been far more impressive against the 'Big 6'

Let's take a look at Liverpool's stats against the Big 6 thus far this season:

Vs. Tottenham: a 2-1 win
Vs. Arsenal: a 3-1 win
Vs. Manchester City: a 1-1 draw
Vs. Chelsea: a 2-0 win

How about Manchester United against the Big 6?

Vs. Tottenham: a 6-1 loss
Vs. Arsenal: a 1-0 loss
Vs. Manchester City: a 0-0 draw
Vs. Chelsea: a 0-0 draw

As you can clearly see, LFC knows how to step up in the clutch and get things done in big matches. Man United hasn't showcased that yet, and they won't be able to do it on Sunday either. Liverpool 2, United 0. Book it. 

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