Liverpool lock up English Premier League title Everton

Liverpool has a chance to win the league against Everton and that'd be amazing

Liverpool lock up English Premier League title Everton
Photo Credit: Liverpool

Nothing would be sweeter than this. For Liverpool fans, the first league title since 1990 is so close you can almost taste it. With the English Premier League all slated to return on June 17, fans can't wait to see the Reds back on the pitch. 


And believe it or not, Liverpool might be able to claim the EPL trophy in its first game back. To make things even sweeter, it'd come in the Derby against Everton. Oh my. 


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Indeed, if Arsenal beats Man City on June 17, and then Liverpool takes down Everton in that match, LFC will have secured the title. Can you even imagine the scenes in Liverpool if this were to go down? 


There's no denying Liverpool and Everton hate one another. Those two clubs make up one of the best rivalries in all of European football. For Liverpool to win the league against them would be magic for all the long-suffering Reds' supporters. 


Come June 20/21, all eyes could be on that match between the hated teams. Get ready for what is sure to be an incredible game. First, we'll have to see if Arsenal can take care of business. 

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