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5 best Liverpool vs. Everton Merseyside Derby moments

There are few rivalries in all of sports better than the Merseyside Derby. Surely English Premier League fans are quite familiar showdown, as Liverpool vs. Everton is one of the best games we see each year. 

In terms of Liverpool news, fans can't wait for the Derby to arrive both to be played at Goodison Park and at Anfield. So, which Merseyside Derby bouts have been the best? We take a look at five of the best moments, not in order, for Liverpool fans to enjoy. 

Steven Gerrard scores a hat trick against Everton in 2012

Without question one of the best Liverpool FC players to ever don a Reds shirt, who could forget when Steven Gerrard scored his infamous hat trick against Everton back in 2012? On a cold March day, Gerrard indeed powered Liverpool to a 3-0 win over Everton in the Derby. 

Gerrard was sensational that day and could not be stopped. The man was known for stepping up in massive games for Liverpool and the Merseyside Derby was no different. In this particular matchup, he made simple work of the Everton defense on his way to the big day. 

Ian Rush lays down four goals for Liverpool

If we're talking about Liverpool legends, we of course must bring up the one and only Ian Rush. A deadly goal-scorer, Rush made Everton pay in a big way when the two sides faced off back in November of 1982. Yup, Rush scored FOUR goals against Everton that game, powering Liverpool to a big win. 

Funny enough, Rush actually grew up as a die-hard Everton fan. However, he ended up donning the red of Liverpool instead of the blue of Everton. Sorry, Everton supporters. 

Luis Suarez makes David Moyes eat his words with his 'dive celebration'

This is a moment that will NEVER be forgotten in Merseyside Derby history. Leading up to the Derby in October of 2012, Everton manager David Moyes had publicly stated that he thought Luis Suarez was a diver. Those are fighting words in the football world. 

Well, Suarez ended up scoring in that match. Seconds later, he sprinted toward the Everton dugout and dove right in front of Moyes to celebrate his goal. Moyes had no choice but to applaud Suarez while he was lying down on the pitch. What a moment in the Liverpool Merseyside Derby. 


Gary McAllister breaks Everton hearts with his sensational free-kick winner

Goodness me, Robbie Fowler may have scored one of the greatest goals this rivalry has ever seen. In April of 2001, Everton had evened up the score at 2-2 late with a penalty kick. However, Liverpool wasn't ready to throw in the towel on gaining three points. 

Enter McAllister, who somehow scored on a free kick from 44-yards out. Seriously, no one thought the ball would make it to the back of the net, especially from so far out. However, McAllister took his shot and had his moment of glory. 


Robbie Fowler pretends to snort cocaine to troll Everton fans

Everton fans tried bashing LFC great Robbie Fowler and he surely made them pay for it. Leading up to the April 1999 meeting at Anfield, Everton fans had accused Fowler of using drugs. 

In that match, Fowler ended up scoring two goals. How did he celebrate? By getting down on the pitch to act like he was snorting cocaine. Okay then! While Liverpool tried saying Fowler was 'eating grass,' the league didn't buy it, handing Fowler a four-game ban and a fine of 32,000 pounds. 

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