Could a Leo Messi return to Barcelona go down?

Dani Alves recruiting Lionel Messi for Barcelona 'Last Dance'

It's tough to accept for football fans across the world, but Lionel Messi is on the tail end of his brilliant career. With the Argentine 34 and turning 35 this summer, he may only have a few more good years left in him. 

While he's still suiting up for Paris Saint-Germain, people all over Catalonia are hoping he'll one day return to close out his career with FC Barcelona. Dani Alves is on the list. 

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In a recent interview, the veteran Alves said he'd love Messi to come back to the Camp Nou for his 'Last Dance' with Barcelona. This would obviously be amazing to see if it goes down. 

Messi left Barcelona this past offseason in a shock move. It looked like he was going to return to the club, but there were issues with his contract and he ended up joining Paris Saint-Germain. It hasn't been an ideal year for Messi with his new club, as PSG was eliminated in the Champions League Round of 16. 

There's no denying Messi loves Barcelona too. It has become a second home for him and his family. There were reports of his children in tears when they found out they'd be leaving Barcelona for Paris. 

Messi is a God in the city and people want him back. Alves himself doesn't have much time left on the pitch either. If he and Messi could suit up together, it'd be an unreal blast from the past for the team. Who knows if this will happen or not, but Barca fans can dream. 

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