Christian Pulisic is on top of the world right now

Christian Pulisic silences haters in Nations League Final win

Once again, Christian Pulisic is on top of the world. Seriously, what a past couple of weeks it has been for the American winger. First, he helped Chelsea FC shock Mancester City to win the Champions League Final. So, how did he follow that up?

Shortly after that Champions League win, Pulisic hopped on a plane and joined his USA teammates for the Nations League semifinals against Honduras. The US won, setting up a title showdown with Mexico. In stoppage time, Pulisic delivered in the best way possible. 

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Into the net and off with the shirt! In the 114th minute, after being brought down inside of the box, Pulisic fired his penalty strike past a diving Guillermo Ochoa with ease.

As soon as he scored, he ripped off his jersey, looked to the Mexico fans, put a finger to his mouth and told everyone who doubted him and the American side to be quiet. Seriously, talk about an epic scene. 

For the kid from Hershey, Penn., you just know this was a special moment. Everyone loves to hate on Pulisic and for no good reason. He keeps defying the odds. To win the Champions League and follow that up by scoring the game-winning goal in the Nations League Final is unreal. 

With how strong the rivalry between Mexico and the USA is, you just know this made things that much more special for Pulisic. Players from both teams were exchanging shoves, while fans were also throwing things onto the pitch. 

Of course you don't want to see that kind of behavior, but that showcases the hatred between the two CONCACAF squads. In the end, though, the USA won and Pulisic delivered when it mattered. What do the haters have to say now? Absolutely nothing. 

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