Chiefs News: Patrick Mahomes isn't focused on chasing Tom Brady's Super Bowl rings

Chiefs News: Patrick Mahomes isn't focused on chasing Tom Brady's Super Bowl rings

We are only two days away from the 2024 Super Bowl getting here and people can't wait. The Kansas City Chiefs are looking to win their third Super Bowl title in the past five years, while the 49ers want to bring joy back to the Bay Area. 

San Francisco is a slight favorite for this one, but Patrick Mahomes doesn't care about that. Mahomes has two Super Bowl titles to his name and he's ready to bring home No. 3.

However, people continue to bring up him chasing Tom Brady's seven. Seriously? Mahomes isn't focused on that at all leading up to Sunday's big-time showdown. 

Patrick Mahomes is ready to try and win his third Super Bowl with the Chiefs

"I mean, I'm not even close to halfway, so I haven't put a lot of thought into it," Mahomes said when speaking to the media this week. "I mean, your goal is to be the best player that you can be. I know I'm blessed to be around a lot of great players around me. And so, right now, it's doing whatever I can to beat a great 49ers team and try to get that third ring. And then if you ask me that question in 15 years, and I'll see if I can get close to seven. But seven seems like a long ways away still."

As you can see from that quote, Mahomes isn't letting the extra attention get to him. Brady is known as the GOAT, as he won six titles with the New England Patriots and he also won one with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before he hung up his cleats. 

People love comparing Mahomes to Brady, but as he mentioned, he still has a LONG way to go to be in the TB12 conversation. Even if he doesn't catch Brady, Mahomes is well on his way to a Hall-of-Fame career.

During the regular season, Mahomes tossed for 4,183 yards and 27 touchdowns. Then in the postseason, Mahomes has put together some amazing showings, highlighted by the upset wins over the Bills in the Divisional Round and the Ravens in the AFC Championship Game. 

Mahomes has a chance to silence his haters on Sunday against San Francisco, which surely will be easier said than done. However, everyone that has doubted Mahomes in the playoffs have ended up looking foolish. That very well could be the case again in the coming days. 

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