Timo Werner should be poised to get back to his old form.

Here's why Chelsea fans should still be excited about Timo Werner

There's no sugar coating things for Chelsea FC and first-year English Premier League striker Timo Werner: the German sensation has been nothing short of a major disappointment in starting off his career with the Blues. 

With that being said, you'd have to be absolutely mad to give up on Werner already if you're indeed a big-time Chelsea fan. That fact of the matter is that he's in the middle of a pretty bad slump. With that said, they brought him to London for a reason. He has the potential to be among the league's best players.

It's way too early for Chelsea FC fans to panic on Timo Werner

We know what you're thinking: Werner has arrived to Chelsea and been a complete and total flop for the club. Yes, it's been a rough start for him, but he's still in the middle of his first English Premier League season. You can't expect him to make such a giant jump overnight from the Bundesliga. 

Let us remind you why Werner is such a special player. Remember, Chelsea paid right around 50 million pounds for the German striker. 

During the 2019-20 season, Werner was one of the top goal-scorers in all of Europe. He was nothing short of sensational for RB Leipzig last year, scoring 28 goals in 34 matches, while adding eight assists. Are you kidding? Unreal! 

Not only that, Werner showcased just how great he could be in the Champions League, scoring four goals in eight matches. His performances in the Champions League led to so much interest from clubs all across Europe. 

In total, Werner scored 95 goals in 159 matches for RB Leipzig. He just had a knack for the club to find the back of the net. Unfortunately, that just hasn't been the case for Werner in the EPL with Chelsea. 

Fortunately for Werner, Thomas Tuchel has taken over as the club's manager, and has come out and said the Blues are ready to do whatever is needed to help him get his confidence back. In the 1-0 win against Spurs on Feb. 4, Werner had some great shots get blocked. You could tell he was frustrated, but there was Tuchel to keep powering him on.

“First of all, with every player, and of course with all strikers and Timo, we try to create a bond and a relationship," Tuchel said via Football London. "Every person and every guy is different. Some guys need something else, to be close, to be alone, to be pushed hard, a hug or whatever.

“So we find out what suits him to feel comfortable and open up, then to feel comfortable again on the pitch."

Only time will tell if Werner can turn things around this season, but something tells us he'll be able to do so without any problem. He's simply too good to stay in this kind of a slump. 

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