Chelsea Mason Mount

Chelsea's Mason Mount deserves more Premier League respect

Time and time again, Chelsea FC midfielder Mason Mount continues to come up big for the Blues whenever he's on the pitch. New manager Thomas Tuchel is learning first hand that the 22-year-old Englishman is an outstanding player. 

That was once again showcased in the stunning Chelsea win over Liverpool on March 4. Chelsea FC indeed came away with a 1-0 victory at Anfield, with Mount finding the back of the net thanks to a sensational finish. 

On his strike, Mount received a brilliant pass from N'Golo Kante and then did the rest. He made Fabinho look like an amateur, as the Liverpool defender had no answers on how to try and stop him. 

Mount coming up big on the massive stage is incredible to see. It's one thing to score the game-winner, but it's another when it comes at Anfield against the reigning English Premier League champions. 

That score against Liverpool gave Mount five goals for the season. What's perhaps even more important here is that the MF is playing with more and more confidence every time he's out on the pitch. This is something Chelsea fans everywhere love seeing. 

"We’ve been on a good run recently, winning games, getting points and not conceding many chances or goals," Mount said after the win at LFC. "We felt like we could come here, put in a good performance and win the game. When you turn up with that mentality, of wanting to give it to them and press high, you’re always going to have a chance."

Despite his young age, Mount is developing into a field leader for the Blues. Plain and simple, the man deserves way more recognition across the Premier League than he does right now.

At this point next year, Mount could be one of the top players across the EPL if he keeps on improving the way he has. Big things are ahead for Mount, believe that. 

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