Manchester City is the favorite to win the Champions League

Champions League power rankings after Matchday 3

With the latest international break in the rearview mirror, the Champions League returned this week and soccer fans across the globe couldn't have been happier. With that said, multiple things stood out. 

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At the top of the list has to be that there are several teams who have now separated themselves from the rest of the competition. In this piece, we have our Champions League power rankings, giving you our current Top 4. 

4. Liverpool continues to look like an elite club 

How about Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp? While most of the headlines made following Tuesday's win over Atletico Madrid were about the Klopp and Diego Simeone beef, you simply have to give LFC props for what they got done. 

Going to Madrid and taking down Atletico like this was no easy accomplishment. Yet, led by Mo Salah, Liverpool left the stadium with a 3-2 win. After winning it all in 2019, Liverpool very well could get the job done again this year. 

3. Paris Saint-Germain showed its toughness against RB Leipzig

Next up, Paris Saint-Germain showed how mentally tough they can be when their backs are against the wall. On Tuesday, PSG found themselves down 2-1 at home going up against RB Leipzig. Who in the world saw that coming? 

Well, Lionel Messi scored in the 67th minute to tie things up and then he gave his team the three points with another goal in the 74th minute. PSG spent big during the summer transfer window and the results are evident. Could those signings help them get over the top in bringing home the CL title? 

2. Bayern Munich looks like an unstoppable force

What Bayern Munich is accomplishing right now is out of this world. Bayern has been downright sensational thus far in its Group E tilts, as they're a perfect 3-for-3 in their matches. 

Not only that, Bayern has a goal differential of +12, as they've scored 12 times and are yet to concede. On Wednesday, they traveled to Portugal and dominated Benfica 4-0. Goodness me. Things were of course made special by Leroy Sane's rocket. If it weren't for the No. 1 club on our list, Bayern would be the clear favorites. 

1. Is this finally the year for Manchester City in the Champions League? 

As tough as it is to go against Bayern Munich, we're sticking to our guns with Manchester City as the favorites to win the Champions League. Fans still haven't gotten over the loss in the Final last season to Chelsea, we know. 

And, you could make the argument that City shouldn't be No. 1 after they lost 2-0 to PSG in Matchday 2, with Messi stealing the show. However, City's offensive and defensive depth is just unreal.

When you've got Kyle Walker scoring in a 5-1 win over Club Brugge on Tuesday too, you know things are going your way. City is our pick and we're going to stand firm on that... for now. 

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