Christian Pulisic has fans all over the world checking out Chelsea.

10 best influencers for Chelsea fans to follow on Twitter and Instagram

The excitement and hope for Chelsea fans hasn't been this high in quite some time. Ever since club legend Frank Lampard took over things at Stamford Bridge as the new manager, the swagger has returned for the London club, as the Blues look poised to compete for major trophies. 

And with Chelsea being extremely competitive once again, there's countless social media accounts out there who do a tremendous job of keeping fans in the loop around the clock.

With that being said, which accounts are must follows for all you CFC fans? In this piece, we take a look at 10 who you should be interacting with. 

• @pulisicfc22 on Instagram 

Christian Pulisic has made countless Chelsea fans.

At the top of our list, we've got to go with @pulisicfc22 on IG. For all of you Christian Pulisic supporters, there's NO reason to not follow this account. Every single update you could imagine on the American superstar is posted on this page. 

Throughout the United States, the Chelsea fandom has skyrocketed ever since Pulisic agreed to join the club from Borussia Dortmund. No one does a better job of getting Pulisic info and photos out more than @pulisicfc22. Keep doing what you're doing! 

• @90minchelsea on Instagram

90minchelsea is a must-follow for Chelsea fans everywhere.

Speaking of a great IG account, @90minchelsea feels like a one-stop shop for all of your Chelsea FC needs. Whether you're in need of game information, stats on how the club's players are doing or the latest transfer news and gossip, 90minchelsea will always deliver for you.

Seriously, give them a follow if you haven't done so already.  

• @lifeofchelseafc on Instagram

Lifeofchelsea is a fantastic IG account for fans to check out.

Another IG account we love is @lifeofchelseafc, as this team does sensational work with their different graphics and highlights. What makes this page stand out too is their match coverage.

They even post projected lineups before the action gets underway, which is a great way for fans to put forth their opinions for how Lampard's side should take the field as well. 

• @cfc.coyb on Instagram

cfc.coyb does a great job of interacting with Chelsea fans.

Don't forget about @cfc.coyb either! On top of posting daily updates on all things Chelsea, they do tremendous work spreading the love around too. This isn't an account where they just focus on one or two players.
Nope, you're always going to see them find creative ways to highlight so many different standouts on the club. It's what makes following this page so fun. 

• @cfcblues_com on Twitter

cfcblues is on top of their game when it comes to Chelsea updates.
Meanwhile on Twitter, @cfcblues_com is beyond awesome. They're always posting Chelsea apparel to buy, while also engaging with all of their followers with some great polls/questionnaires.
Earlier this week, they asked fans which former player they'd bring back to play the rest of the season with the current squad. It was a fun idea, and we'd have to go with Didier Drogba. Imagine him flying down the pitch with Timo Werner, Christian Pulisic and others!

• @expectedchelsea on Twitter

expectedchelsea always delivers with the latest CFC news
If you're looking for fan-opinionated content, @expectedchelsea has exactly what you're looking for. This account provides posts that really makes it feel like you're interacting with a fellow die-hard Chelsea supporter.
Things aren't always going to be full of roses with the club, with @expectedchelsea holding players accountable for their play, while also putting the top stars in the spotlight at the same time. We appreciate their efforts on that front. 

• @cfc_luvers1 on Instagram

Signables loves CFCluvers on Instagram. Great account.
There's nothing that excites Chelsea fans more than the different transfer rumors and reports that are surrounding the team. Leave it to  @cfc_luvers1 to gather all of the latest talks for you. This page is on top of EVERYTHING.
Right now, Jadon Sancho and Erling Haaland rumors continue to swirl, which  @cfc_luvers1 has covered. Before the team brought in Timo Werner and Thiago Silva, you better believe they were keeping fans updated on those possibilities as well. 

• @blues.empire on Instagram

Blues empire does fantastic work on a day-to-day basis.
@blues.empire excels in terms of posting different videos on its page. Whether you're looking for something light-hearted to make you laugh, an old clip of a great goal, or even something trolling Chelsea's biggest rivals, you'll have it all right in front of you on this page.
Also, special shoutout to @blues.empire, as they've also got an awesome YouTube channel. They're consistently putting our great videos there as well. 

• @chelseazonee on Instagram

Chelsea zone keeps you up to date with everything going on at Stamford Bridge.
Last but not least on Instagram, you have to be following @chelseazonee by now. On this page, the photo edits are so darn cool. The way they're able to quote things from Twitter and get them on a graphic makes the experience so unique to folks who visit their page.
While you're checking them out, you'll find player stats, predictions for games/lineups and so much more. 

• @CFCinAmerica on Twitter

ChelseaInAmerica keeps fans all over the United States connected.

The work the group over at @CFCinAmerica does can't be overstated. As their name reads, Chelsea in America unites all the Chelsea FC supporters in the United States. From whichever part of the USA you're in, CFCinAmerica is ready to keep everyone connected.

What an amazing idea. Chelsea fans use @CFCinAmerica to not only stay updated on the club, but to keep connecting with one another. Love to see it. 

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