A look at the 10 best influencers for PSG fans to follow.

10 best influencers for PSG fans to follow on social media

A new era has officially begun for Paris Saint-Germain, as the Ligue 1 giants just announced the hiring of Mauricio Pochettino as the club's new manager. With 'Poch' all set to try and help PSG win another league crown and push for a Champions League title, the excitement around the team is through the roof. 

With that being said, there are several influencers on social media who will be ready to deliver you big-time news around the clock. Who can you count on the most? We take a look at 10 must-follows for PSG fans in this piece. 

Paris No Limit on Instagram

Paris No Limit is a great Instagram account.

Starting off on Instagram, we simply love the work that the team over at Paris No Limit does. They do a tremendous job with the PSG graphics and also keep fans informed on all the latest transfer news. In addition, they were ALL over the Poch to PSG updates. Keep it going! 

Histoire du PSG on Instagram

Histoire du PSG is a must-follow!

Next up on the list has to be Historie du PSG, who will never disappoint with their coverage of the team. If you're looking for some amazing throwback videos too, this account will surely have you covered. Give them a follow ASAP. Trust us when we say you won't regret it. 

La Source Parisienne on Instagram

La Source Parisienne does incredible work on Instagram.

Sticking with IG, La Source Parisienne stands out as well because of how much content they're producing. Every day, you'll be able to find something new on their page. Whether it's team news, re-posting player videos or coach conferences, they'll have things set for you. 

Paris Dans la Peau on Instagram

Paris Dans La Peau is known for its amazing work.

Last but definitely not least on IG is Paris Dans la Peau. What we LOVE about this account is how they post their captions in French and English. This is a huge help for American PSG fans who want to stay tuned in with the club. This account caters to the local supporters and those overseas. Brilliant! 

PSG Community on Twitter

PSG community on Twitter will always keep you updated.

Moving over to Twitter, PSG Community is a no-brainer option for PSG fans anywhere in the world. They do a fantastic job of getting news out, especially breaking down key parts and quotes from press conferences with the managers and players. Seriously, give them a follow. 

Team PSG Ultra on Twitter

Team PSG Ultra on Twitter keeps things light at times, which is great.

In addition to PSG Community, Team PSG Ultra also does sensational work on Twitter. With this page, you'll of course have team news and transfer updates, but they also engage with their followers with some pretty darn funny videos and photos too. They keep things light at times, which is great to see. 

La Source 75006 on Twitter

La Source on Twitter gets PSG fans quick news.

Also on Twitter, we're big fans of La Source 75006 because of the great job they do posting throughout the day. If you check their timeline, you're going to find so many PSG posts that you'll feel living you're living in Paris inside of the team's facility. That's how good this page is! 

Paris SG Fan's on Facebook

Paris SG Fan's on Facebook always has new updates for you.

With Facebook, you're going to really enjoy what the team over at Paris SG Fan's has to offer. Much like the other influencers on our list, they're constantly putting up news and highlights on their page. They proudly boast more than 140,000 likes and it's easy to see why so many people interact with them. You should do the same. 

Paris est Magique on Facebook

Paris est Magique on Facebook will always have new updates.

Also on Facebook, be sure to like Paris est Magique whenever you get the chance. Why? Well, it's because on this page you're going to be able to find awesome club photos from training, games and more. The breakdown of matches and transfer rumors makes it awesome as well. 

Les debriefs d'Abou on YouTube

PSG fans will absolutely love this YouTube channel

We of course had to show YouTube some love and the channel Les debriefs d'Abou was an easy choice. If you want to talk about someone with passion, this PSG fan surely has it. Whenever he's discussing club-related news in his videos, he doesn't hold back. You'll surely be entertained with all of his clips! 

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