A look at the best influencers for America fans to follow!

10 best influencers for Club America fans to follow on social media

It goes without saying, but there is no team in Mexican soccer history that has had more success than Club America. The Liga MX giants are the pride of Mexico City. We can't wait until the Estadio Azteca is filled once again. 

With that being said, there's no better time than now to stay up to date with team news than by following the best social media accounts out there. Which ones are must-follows? We take a look below for you. 

Tributo Aguila on Instagram

Tributo Aguila does incredible work for America fans.

Starting things off on Instagram, Tributo Aguila really does some incredible work each and every day. Any kind of update you can imagine on IG is ready for you on this page. What's most impressive about this account is the timeliness with the updates.

During games, or after, you'll have updates posted at the drop of a hat for you. Plus, there's awesome videos honoring stars, both current and from the past. What an account! 

Aficion Azulcrema on Instagram

Aficion Azulcrema is a must-follow for America fans.

Also on Instagram, Aficion Azulcrema is a must-follow for America fans. Their updates are tremendous, keeping everyone informed.

An example of this is when they posted a photo of Miguel Herrera right after he was fired to confirm with fans that he had been let go. On top of that, you'll find great stats, throwback photos and so much more. 

Familia Azulcrema 1 on Instagram

Familia Azulcream on Instagram is tremendous.

Keeping up with Instagram, have you not followed Familia Azulcrema 1 on Instagram yet? If not, what in the heck are you waiting for?! What we love about this account is they show so much love to the fans and old players.

Take this post on Michael Arroyo for example. He was a stud for America and Familia Azulcrema 1 will never forget it! 

Linea Azulcrema on Instagram

Linea Azulcream has everything you need for Club America.

Last but no least on IG, Linea Azulcrema really does some fantastic work with its page. Here you'll find lovely photos, videos, stats and everything else you might imagine America related.

The content is catered to the every day America fan as well. While things are tough this week with Herrera being fired and the team being eliminated from the CONCACAF Champions League, the posts are made to keep the faith alive for fans. Gotta love it. 

America de Mexico on Twitter

America de Mexico is such a fun account on Twitter

Moving over to Twitter, America de Mexico has everything you need. While this account is also fully in Spanish, the content and posts are so great and entertaining. For games, you'll have live updates and awesome highlights. For day-to-day coverage, there's funny memes, notes and more. Follow them! 

Vamos America on Twitter

Vamos America is known for its fan engagement on Twitter

Next up on Twitter has to be Vamos America. If you want to talk about an outlet that does tremendous work in terms of fan engagement, this is the place for you. They're always asking for fan feedback on a flurry of different topics.

It keeps the supporters not only connected with the team and players, but one another as well. 

Somos America on Twitter

Be sure to check out Somos America on Twitter!

Lastly on Twitter, Somos America proudly boasts more than 100,000 followers and for good reason. This page does a spot on job with transfer rumors, player and coach updates and more. If you're looking for the latest news, this is your place to visit as well. Keep up the amazing work, amigos! 

Soy Aguila 100% on Facebook

Soy Aguila 100% on Facebook is such a fun page!

Over on Facebook, we shouldn't have to convince you to like Soy Aguila 100% because they really stand out! What makes this page so outstanding is they show love to both the men's and women's clubs, keeping the coverage quite balanced. You'll be able to find great articles, along with photos and videos of Las Aguilas. For Facebook, this has to be on your list! 

Siempre Aguilas Del America

Siempre Aguilas Del America is a phenomenal page!

Just like Soy Aguila 100%, there's no other page on Facebook you need to like than Siempre Aguilas Del America. The passion on this page is TOUGH to match, as it's clearly run by die-hard America fans. This is what makes the page so great. Their content brings out the best and all the energy of everyone who loves Las Aguilas. With all of their posts, your passion for the club will only rise. It's tremendous. 

Archivo Americanista on YouTube

Archivo Americanista on YouTube is wonderful.

If you're a big fan of YouTube videos, subscribing to Archivo Americanista is truly an easy decision. Here, you're going to find incredible clips to really strengthen your fandom for Club America. There's amazing throwback videos to really remind you of incredible moments in the team's spectacular history. We love watching them! 

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