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Lionel Messi - Inter Miami - 2024 Signables Sports Collectible

Lionel Messi - Inter Miami - 2024 Signables Sports Collectible

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Own a piece of soccer greatness with this exclusive flat sports collectible featuring the iconic Lionel Messi of Inter Miami! This stunning collectible captures Messi's unparalleled skill and grace with a touch of authenticity and modern elegance.

Key Features:

  • Iconic Imagery: High-resolution image of Lionel Messi, showcasing his legendary prowess on the field.
  • Premium Quality: Constructed from durable, high-quality materials to ensure lasting beauty and protection.
  • Display-Ready: Perfect for displaying in any setting, from your personal collection to your office or living room.
  • Officially Licensed: Genuine Inter Miami merchandise, making it an essential addition for fans and collectors alike.

ON THE FRONT: The front panel is printed in the team’s colors and displays the official club logo and an official photo of Messi, his name, and his number.

ON THE BACK: The back panel shows in-depth player information and his national country flag. Plus, each Signable is made with traditional match ball leather, which gives an authentic feel to a soccer ball signed by your favorite player.


Celebrate the extraordinary career of Lionel Messi with this unique collectible. Whether you're an ardent Inter Miami fan or a sports memorabilia connoisseur, this piece is a must-have for your collection. Capture a moment of soccer history with this exceptional tribute to one of the greatest players of all time!

About the Player:

He will go down as one of the best soccer players EVER. What Lionel Messi has been able to get done on the pitch has been unreal, as he has won several La Liga and Champions League titles with Barcelona, plus the Copa America and World Cup with Argentina. Messi is now with Miami, making MLS defenders look silly trying to stop him.

PLAYER BOX SIZE: 6.5 inches H x 5.25 inches L X 2.5 inches W.

SIGNABLE SIZE: 4 inches tall and when in the stand is a total of 5 inches

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What's Included?

  • Original Collectible

    Signables are a one-of-the-kind collectible that can't be found anywhere else.

  • Player's Name & Bio

    Made from genuine football leather with the athlete’s unique bio.

  • Perfect For Gifts

    Great gift for fans of all ages. The box is easily wrappable or shipped to the receipient.

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