Ansu Fati - Barcelona FC

An exciting young talent, Ansu Fati is hoping to make a name for himself in the near future. He's a promising young playmaker for Barcelona, who was recently sent out on loan with Brighton in the Premier League. 

Fati is only 21 years old and he is also a promising player for the Spanish National Team. He has impressed fans with his great goal scoring in the past. Now, he's hoping to deliver more of the same this season. 

With Hansi Flick taking over as the new manager for FC Barcelona, the hope is that he can help the youngster reach his full potential. It wasn't that long ago that a lot of people in Spain and Catalonia viewed Fati as the next Messi. 

That was some unreal pressure for him, but we've all seen what he can do when he's at his best. There have been a lot of changes for this team in recent seasons and Fati being loaned out was a bit of a surprise. 

However, with Flick now in town, we have a feeling that Fati is going to remind everyone just how good he can be on the pitch. The Barcelona fanbase loves this kid and understandably so.

We're excited to see what he'll be able to get done in La Liga moving forward, as Barcelona is hoping to prevent Real Madrid from winning another league title. Only time will tell if that happens or not, but Fati will be playing with loads of motivation this season and beyond.