Virgil van Dijk

Virgil van Dijk knows winning the league won't be the same for Liverpool this year

Virgil van Dijk
Photo credit: Liverpool 


In what should be one of the most-celebrated moments in Liverpool's outstanding football history, winning the league title this year simply won't be the same. The players and coaches understand this. 


Just ask superstar defender Virgil van Dijk about that. In a recent interview, the brick wall of a centre-back said that when the team raises the trophy this year, it's going to be a weird feeling if fans aren't inside Anfield going nuts like usual. 

He surely has a point. Before play was suspended, Liverpool was completely DOMINATING play in the EPL. They hold 82 points, which is 25 more than Manchester City. What they've accomplished this year has been historic, and they deserve to be crowned league champions for the first time in 30 years. 


Still, if the season is finished with no supporters allowed in the stands, van Dijk is going to be a bit bummed. 


"If we won it in an empty stadium and the fans weren't there, I'd be gutted for them," van Dijk said in an interview with a Dutch newspaper this week. "Obviously, if there are no fans at Anfield, then it will be a bit of a blow - no one wants to play games without the fans.


"Until a decision is made on how we go on from here, then we just have to deal with it. But when it happens, we are still bringing the title to our fans, definitely."


Whether fans are allowed back inside stadiums or not, Liverpool will be getting ready to seal things up and capture the hardware once play begins again. The earliest that can happen will be April 30, which was announced on Thursday. 


Still, be patient Liverpool fans. Your club is about to be crowned champions and it's going to be such a sweet feeling. 

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