Harry Kane may not be heading to Manchester City

Tottenham hasn't received a new Man City Harry Kane bid

Rumors continue to fly when it comes to Tottenham FC superstar striker Harry Kane. Could he be leaving London this summer to suit up for a different team in the Premier League, or La Liga?

Right now, all signs are pointing to Kane potentially leaving THFC to suit up for Manchester City. Earlier in the week, word even leaked that Kane to City was a done deal, which of course sent people in Manchester into party mode. 

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Hold the phone there, though, folks. That's because insider Fabrizio Romano has said that no agreement is in place. Further more, Romano stated that Tottenham wants to keep Kane and won't be selling him. Whoa. 

What are folks supposed to believe? Again, just recently it seemed like Kane was locked in with a move to the Etihad Stadium. But now Romano is reporting that this may not happen. 

With Sergio Aguero leaving the club and joining Barcelona, Man City is of course looking to replace him with a brilliant striker during the summer transfer window. Kane would make a ton of sense. 

He clearly wants to stay in the EPL and push for a league title. He also wants to play at the highest level. Yes, that means the Champions League. With Tottenham in a bit of a rebuild, the team is nowhere close to that level. 

Because of this, it's been said that Kane has informed the club's management that he'd like to continue his career elsewhere. He doesn't want to waste the prime of his career finishing outside of the Top 4 and not competing in the Champions League. 

Only time will tell if Kane gets his wish and he gets a move to a new team and city. Everything is up in the air. As of this writing, however, it seems like he could stay put with Tottenham. 

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