• Breaking down the EPL January transfer window

    In the blink of an eye, the January transfer window has come and gone for teams in the English Premier League. While there were definitely some winners who made some prime additions, there were also plenty of losers on the list as well.  In the video below, we take a look at both sides of the tab... View Post
  • 5 most promising young talents in the English Premier League

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  • Here’s how the EPL table looks after Man City took down Liverpool 4-1

    Can anyone catch up to Manchester City in the English Premier League? Right now, pundits everywhere feel no one will be able to despite plenty of season being left.  They made quite the statement on Sunday with an absolutely head-turning 4-1 victory over Liverpool at Anfield. It marked the third ... View Post
  • Top 5 moments in Liverpool history

    Since 1892, Liverpool FC has cemented itself as one of the best clubs in not only England, but also Europe. Seriously, for years and years, the Reds have recorded some incredible history.  In recent years, Liverpool is back to its best form, winning the Champions League and the English Premier Le... View Post
  • Liverpool proves to be to strong and hands Tottenham a 3-1 defeat

    The last time these two teams faced off, Jose Mourinho claimed, “the best team lost” after a 90th-minute header by Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino gave the Reds the victory. This time around, the same cannot be said. In their 19th Premier League match of the season, Tottenham Hotspur were outmatched ... View Post
  • 3 reasons why Liverpool will take down Manchester United in Premier League action

    Come Sunday, soccer fans across the globe can't wait for Manchester United vs. Liverpool to don our television screens. The two teams are at the top of the English Premier League table, with United at No. 1 and Liverpool FC at No. 2. However, LFC has the chance to climb back to the top spot in th... View Post
  • Roberto Firmino gives Liverpool thrilling win over Tottenham with 90th minute goal

    The 2,000 fans an Anfield were going nuts on Wednesday and rightfully so! In one of the biggest games of the English Premier League season, Liverpool and Tottenham met at Anfield.   It pitted the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the English Premier League table. While it looked like things were going to ... View Post
  • Champions League Round of 16 draw revealed

    On Monday morning, the Champions League Round of 16 draw was revealed and there are some spicy matchups on the way for fans to enjoy. Here at Signables, our teams PSG, Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea remain in the hunt.  So, what's next for our squads in the knockout stages? We've got all ... View Post