Sergio Aguero Manchester CIty

Sergio Aguero’s 2012 League-winning goal will never get old for Manchester City fans

It’s a day Manchester City fans will remember forever, while the Manchester United faithful still fight back tears thinking about it. 


Photo credit: Man City

We’re of course talking about May 13, 2012. Come on, City followers. You know exactly what I’m talking about here, as Argentine forward Sergio Aguero did the unthinkable in stoppage time against QPR to give your team the Premier League title in the most dramatic of fashions. 


Entering the final day, both Manchester United and Manchester City had 86 points. United took down Sunderland at the Stadium of Light to get to 89, meaning City, which had a big advantage in goal differential, needed to also come out victorious to bring home the title. 


Things looked bleak, however, as QPR held a 2-1 lead late. Oh, but then things quickly changed. Edin Dzeko tied things up at 2-2 in the second minute of stoppage time. With City fans desperate for the game-winning goal to be delivered, Aguero got the job done. As soon as his strike hit the net, the Etihad Stadium erupted. 


Folks were seen crying in the stands, where those same tears were seen just 10 minutes before, as many believed City was going to choke away the title. That wasn’t the case, though, as Aguero’s goal truly stole the trophy away from Manchester United for his side.


It also led to one of the greatest broadcast calls of Martin Tyler’s career, one which will likely never be matched given the circumstances.


“Aguerooooooooooo,” City fans remember hearing from Tyler. “I swear you’ll never see anything like this ever again. So watch it, drink it in. They’ve just heard the news at the Stadium of Light (Man United-Sutherland venue). Two goals in added time for Manchester City to snatch the title away from Manchester United.”

Sergio Aguero Manchester CIty

Photo credit: Sport Bible

Since that historic day, City’s dominance over United has continued. Manchester City has won three EPL titles since 2012, while Manchester United only has one championship, coming in 2013. It’s been a long six years for the Reds, while City have captured the league title in back-to-back seasons. 


Aguero is still among the top forwards in the league, causing teams countless headaches whenever he’s on the pitch. You better believe this is also the case for United. 

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