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Birthday boy Sadio Mane building a hospital in Senegal is truly inspirational

Sadio Mane Liverpool
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While Sadio Mane might be best known for his incredible play on the pitch for Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool, his selflessness when he's not in uniform is tough to match. 


Straight up, Mane is an outstanding humanitarian. Last year, he helped build a school in his native Senegal. Now, six months from now, Mane will be opening up a hospital in his hometown of Bambali, where there is currently no hospital in the entire village. 


With Mane turning 28 years old on Friday, there's no better way to celebrate his birthday than by honoring his latest project. It's nothing short of spectacular. 

It's impossible to dislike Mane. Even if you're a Manchester City or Manchester United fan, you've got to have respect for what the superstar forward is doing here. 


In a documentary on Mane's life, he reveals his father became incredibly sick when he was a child and passed away when he was only seven years old. His father had been heavily medicated and taken to the hospital in the closest village to see if he could be saved. Unfortunately, the family didn't have luck. 


This has haunted Mane for years. Could his father have been saved if there was a hospital in Bambali? Now, he wants to make sure people back home have the resources and help needed to help someone who is ill. 


“I remember my sister was also born at home because there is no hospital in our village," Mane said in the documentary. "It was a really, really sad situation for everyone. I wanted to build one (hospital) to give people hope.”


That's exactly what Mane is doing. In a time where the world continues to suffer from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Liverpool standout continues to bring good news to us all, especially everyone in Senegal. What a legend. 


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