Liverpool Roberto Firminho

Roberto Firmino's game-winning rocket at Stoke City 3 years ago today remains superb

Liverpool Roberto Firminho
Photo credit: Liverpool


For English Premier League fans, revisiting old unforgettable moments from your favorite club is helping pass the time. Luckily for Liverpool supporters, you have countless options to choose from. 


Today, we're turning the clock back to April 8, 2017. Down 1-0 to Stoke City on the road, the Reds were in serious trouble. However, Philippe Coutinho tied things up at 1-1. Then, Roberto Firminho went ahead and did this: 

What a strike! 


That rocket of a shot from the Brazilian gave Liverpool its thrilling 2-1 victory over Stoke City. Everything about the finish was world class. The keeper didn't have a prayer in trying to stop it. 


While we may not have any live action to enjoy right now, leave it to Firmino to remind us how special of a player he is. While that strike came three years ago, 'Bobby' keeps on bringing special moments to the LFC fans both on the road and at Anfield. 


Once play resumes, we look forward to more goals like this from him. 

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