Roberto Firmino Liverpool

Roberto Firmino and other soccer stars are getting creative to stay fit during quarantine

Roberto Firmino Liverpool
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While most of us during quarantine might be binge-watching Netflix and tossing back junk food, don't think for a second soccer stars around the globe aren't doing their best to stay game ready. 


When play does resume, guys like Liverpool's Roberto Firmino want to make sure they'll be ready to rock from the opening whistle. But, how are players staying in shape during these strange times? For Firmino, he's actually using a workout that might make Alisson Becker a little nervous... 

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Firmino with the cat-like reflexes between the posts? That's it, time for a position change! Of course we're kidding, but it's great to see the Brazilian mixing things up to stay in shape. 


Over at Chelsea, American midfielder Christian Pulisic is keeping his form as high as ever. How? By showing love to Drake and working on his ball skills, of course. 

Does anyone have better training partners right now than Neymar, though? No, the answer to that question is absolutely not. The PSG standout has these two golden retrievers to help him stay in shape. 


You're not alone if your jealousy is extremely high. We are totally right there with you. 

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Meanwhile for Arsenal, Mikel Arteta will be happy to see striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang isn't taking any days off. He's got himself a nice little yard to workout in, and he's not wasting any space. 


Take a look for yourself. 

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Last but not least, Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne has had the right idea in training since late March. How do you think he keeps his legs so muscular? By using his kids as weights? You better believe it. 

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Creative legday with the kids @lacroixmichele 😂

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While gyms and training facilities are closed for our favorite teams, players are doing everything they can to keep going strong. You've got to love seeing it. 

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