PSG looking to sign Ronaldo as Kylian Mbappe replacement this summer

PSG looking to sign Ronaldo as Kylian Mbappe replacement this summer

Could you imagine if this were to go down? While Cristiano Ronaldo just returned to Manchester United this season, the 37-year-old doesn't have a long-term future with the English Premier League side. 

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There's talks of him leaving this summer already, and a new team has emerged as a potential suitor: Paris Saint-Germain. This would unite Ronaldo with Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr. and others. This would flip the soccer world upside down. 

What's important to remember here is that PSG is expecting Kylian Mbappe to leave this summer. Mbappe, one of the most exciting young players in the game, has been linked with a move to Real Madrid. 

It's no secret that it's his dream to suit up for Los Blancos. That could be coming in the near future. If that does happen, then it'd open the door for PSG to go out and bring in a new forward to take his place. 

That's why Ronaldo would make so much sense for them. Not only would he bring a tremendous amount of experience, but he's still got a knack for scoring goals. According to 90min, the PSG front office would also love to make a monster splash ahead of the 2022 World Cup getting underway in Qatar. 

Also, don't forget that Zinedine Zidane could head to PSG this summer too to replace Mauricio Pochettino as manager. Zidane and Ronaldo are incredibly close, which could entice him to head to Paris as well. 

Ronaldo would require a hefty salary, but the thought of him and Messi playing together is wild to think about for fans everywhere. They're rivals, but they also have a tremendous amount of respect for one another. Let's see if this ends up happening, but it'd sure be amazing to see. 

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