Liverpool and the English Premier League

Premier League announces it will officially return to action on June 17

Liverpool and the English Premier League
Photo Credit: Liverpool

It's time to celebrate, English Premier League fans! While there was worry the 2019-20 season would be canceled, that simply won't be the case. With teams back in training, it looks like we have a set date for when we can watch the best players in the world go at it on the pitch. 


On Thursday afternoon, the EPL announced it has been given the green light to resume play and that games will start back up on June 17.  

Per the Telegraph, things will begin with a showdown between Aston Villa and Sheffield United, plus a great showdown between defending champs Manchester City and Arsenal. 


Of all the teams to receive the news on Thursday, you better believe Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool are doing backflips right now. There was major fear the season would potentially be void, effectively robbing the Reds of their first league title in 30 years. 


However, with things set to get underway next month, Liverpool is in prime position to get the job done. They truly are so close to wiping away three decades of misery. 

It's been a long two-plus months without football in England, but thankfully the standouts will be back in our lives in the near future. 



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