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Possible Outcome for the English Premier League 2019/2020 season

Here we are in mid-November, and the English Premier League has already painted quite the picture for what we can expect for the rest of the season. 


While there’s been a surge at the top with some surprises in the Top 4, the team everyone is talking about, and rightfully so, is Liverpool. 


The Reds have been in cruise control in league play, winning 11 matches and only drawing once against Manchester United at Old Trafford. With 34 points in the middle of this international break, they’re eight points clear of Leicester City and Chelsea, which both hold 26. 


Following its 3-1 win over Manchester City, Liverpool is also nine points ahead of the defending champions, a squad that now finds itself in fourth. Liverpool has not won the league title since 1990, but all signals thus far are pointing to them raising the trophy in May. 


Behind them, though, there’s still going to be a heavy bout for the Top 4 and Champions League qualification. Sheffield United and Arsenal hold 17 points, in fifth and sixth place, respectively, while Manchester United is seventh with its 16 points. 


The team from Old Trafford will welcome back Paul Pogba in early December from an ankle injury, as they fight to climb up the standings. Will they have enough juice to capture a Top 4 finish? As it stands, they’ve got an uphill battle, but they sure have the playmakers to get it done.


Come the end of the season, we’re picking Liverpool to win it, with Manchester City finishing second, Chelsea third, Leicester fourth and Man United coming up short in fifth. However, we’ve got Marcus Rashford and Co. winning the Europa League, which will end up giving them a return to the Champions League next season. 

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