Manchester City could make history with a 'treble' this season

Manchester City could make history with a 'treble' this season

Look away Manchester United fans - Manchester City is coming to wipe away your spot at the top. It has proven to be an incredible campaign thus far for City. Not only are they favorites to win the English Premier League, but there are two other titles on their mind too.

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We're of course talking about the Champions League and the FA Cup. In 1998-99, United won all three titles and they remain the only English team to do so. However, here comes Man City, folks. 

Manchester City winning the treble would be unreal for Pep Guardiola 

Sir Alex Ferguson accomplished this with Man United, and now Pep Guardiola is hoping to do the same across town. From our chair, there are three teams standing in the way of MCFC getting the job done: Arsenal, Real Madrid and United.

Starting with Arsenal, they were the favorites to win the Premier League, but they've choked late in the season. They're back in first place as of this writing with 78 points, but City is at 76 points and with two games in hand: Advantage Pep. 

In the Champions League, Man City holds the best odds to win it all. In the semifinals, they've got an unreal showdown with Real Madrid on the way - the same club that knocked them out of the tournament last season. Oh, the drama.

Lastly, United and City are all set to face off in the FA Cup Final. A Manchester Derby for the glory? You better believe it, as this is the first time in history the FA Cup will be decided with the two Manchester sides facing off. United would love nothing more than to spoil Guardiola's party, but City should take them down. 

All in all, the wheels are in motion for Manchester City to do the unthinkable. The addition of Erling Haaland has proven to be better than anyone could have ever imagined this season - and things could end in style with the treble. 

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