Manchester City ready to make monster offer to Erling Haaland

Manchester City ready to make monster offer to Erling Haaland

We're still several months away from finding out which team Erling Haaland will be suiting up for next, but it feels like a given that he won't be returning to Dortmund. So, will it be Manchester City, Barcelona or a different team?  

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For Manchester City, they know how serious Barcelona is to try and sign him, but the team won't go down without a fight. According to 90min, City will be ready to make Haaland one of the highest-paid players on the team if he were to head to the Etihad. 

Currently, Kevin De Bruyne is No. 1 on the books salary wise for the team. Man City would have Haaland come in on a deal similar to De Bruyne's. There's no question Haaland would be worthy of that, as he's one of the top young strikers in the world. 

This summer's transfer window is going to be absolutely wild, as other players like Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe are expected to leave Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain, respectively. 

There are rumors circulating that Real Madrid could potentially land both Pogba and Mbappe, which would be absolutely unreal. How could Man City answer that? Well, signing Haaland would be quite the counter punch. 

For MCFC, they're on their way to potentially winning their fourth EPL title in the last five years. However, the team is yet to win the Champions League and leave their mark on European football as a whole. They could change that if Haaland not only signs with them, but powers them to a Champions League title too. 

Everyone will find out what happens with Haaland this summer, but Man City clearly looks ready to go all in on try and get him to town. It's going to be a dramatic race for his signature the rest of the way. 

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