Liverpool Trent Alexander-Arnold

Liverpool's Andy Robertson shares hilarious daily quarantine schedule

Liverpool Trent Alexander-Arnold
Photo credit: Liverpool


With English Premier League play halted, you might think some football stars are getting restless stuck indoors. That's not the case for Andy Robertson. 


The fiery left-back took to Instagram over the weekend to let his fans know he's doing just fine right now. And in comedic fashion, he shared his daily routine which is sure to bring a smile to fans' faces everywhere. 

Does he really need to call Trent Alexander-Arnold that many times in a day? Sure he does! The two are just as close off the pitch as they are on it. 


What about Virgil van Dijk? Surely, once 1 p.m. arrives, it's time to text the giant defender to let him know he misses him.


As you've probably seen on Instagram and Twitter in recent weeks, celebrities are doing everything they can to stay occupied and bring us entertainment. Robertson sure did that with his latest post. 


In that same schedule, he references the unforgettable quick corner Liverpool used against Barcelona last year in the Champions League. It sealed their come-from-behind victory, ultimately paving the way for them to win it all. You know Robertson and Alexander-Arnold will never forget it. Neither will we. Enjoy it once again below.


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