Messi and Aguero celebrating the Copa America win

Lionel Messi posts emotional message for Sergio Aguero

Folks across the world remain stunned and heartbroken at the fact that we'll never see Sergio Aguero play again. Earlier this week, Aguero announced, with tears flying down his face, that he's retiring from football due to his heart condition. 

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There was hope that Aguero would be able to get cleared after further testing, but that's not going to happen. From the moment he announced that he's had to hang up his cleats, countless teammates and players have showered him with love. This includes the one and only Lionel Messi. 

“Practically a whole career together, Kun,” Messi said as part of his post. “We lived very beautiful moments, and others that were not so – all of them made us unite more and more and be more friends, and we are going to continue living them together outside the field. 

“With the great joy of lifting the Copa America so little ago, with all the achievements you achieved in England. The truth is that now it hurts a lot to see how you have to stop doing what you like the most because of what happened to you."

Messi is of course sad about this news. The two enjoyed an amazing career together with the Argentinian National Team, of course highlighted by winning the Copa America title this past summer. They had lost multiple finals together, which was so difficult.

Yet, winning that Copa America was so incredibly special. They were able to do that side by side. They've been on the field together for years, since they were teenagers. Now, Messi will keep on rocking and Aguero will no doubt be supporting him like always. 

Yes, Aguero's career might be over, but everyone will always cherish the incredible moments he produced. It goes without saying, but so will Messi. 

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