Jordan Sancho

Chelsea should no question be the preferred destination for Jadon Sancho

Jordan Sancho
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The January transfer window just came to a close, but teams and pundits alike already have their eyes set to upcoming transfer in the summer. 


Though there will be countless guys expected to be on the move, arguably no name will be bigger than Dortmund's Jadon Sancho. The 19-year-old English star is set for a move to the Premier League next season, no doubt about that. 


And already, teams lining up to put forward monster bids for him include Chelsea and Manchester United. So, in a battle of the two powerhouses, who will have the edge? 

If Sancho was smart, he'd do everything in his power to head to London and stay far away from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and company. Everyone has seen what's going on with United. With The Glazers and Ed Woodward running things, fans have clearly been unhappy with the direction of the team. 


Things are so bad in Manchester, United's fans planned a walk-out (though it didn't go down) and even attacked Woodward's home with flares in January. Yep, not a great environment right now. This team looks destined for another Europa League season in 2020-2021, as they're currently sitting in eighth place of the EPL standings. 


The same can't be said for Chelsea. Frank Lampard has revived the club, who are in fourth place. Tammy Abraham has cemented himself as one of the top strikers in England. Imagine him getting passes from Sancho. Good luck stopping that combo. 


Once the summer does arrive, reports and rumors will be dropping every hour in regards to Sancho. The sooner he realizes Stamford Bridge is the next place he should call home, the better. 

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