Harry Kane is still eyeing a move out of London.

Harry Kane's Tottenham FC future feels totally up in the air

What's going to end up happening with Harry Kane? This is a question Spurs fans have been asking themselves for a while now. While he appeared to be on the move to Manchester City, things haven't gone through. 

Kane ended up missing Sunday's EPL season-opener against City, and Tottenham went on to win that one 1-0. Kane's status against Wolves for the weekend is unclear right now as well. Matter of fact, his status with the team for the season is about as clear as mud. 

Not only has Kane not travelled to Portugal for an Europa League play-off match, but manager Nuno Espirito Santo also said he truly doesn't know if his star striker will be fit enough to play their next EPL match. 

Kane recently returned to training and is said to be 'respectful' of the club and won't hold out. At the same time, reports claim Kane is beyond furious with Daniel Levy, as he believed they had a gentlemen's agreement for the player to be sold this summer. 

Manchester City is ready to put a monster offer on the table to try and land Kane, but Levy isn't budging here. That's frustrating Kane, as he has his heart set on a move to Manchester. 

At the end of the day, Kane is still under contract with Tottenham and it will be on the higher-ups to make a decision as to whether or not they're going to want to sell him before the window closes. If they don't, Kane is going to be furious. Will he end up playing with the team? We'll find out soon enough. 

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