Harry Kane scores world-class goal against Poland

Harry Kane scores world-class goal against Poland

Whether it's at the club or international level, Harry Kane is bound to always record a sensational goal. This was the case on Wednesday in a World Cup qualifying match against Poland. 

In the 72nd minute, Kane got the ball and dribbled down the pitch. He had acres of space in front of him. There was no chance he was going to take a shot from this distance, right? 

GOODNESS ME! What a shot and goal for the Englishman. The Polish defense was caught napping and Kane is the absolute last guy you want to do that with. He's going to make you pay.

With that strike, Kane now has 41 goals for his country, making him the fifth-highest scorer in England's history. He sits behind Wayne Rooney, Bobby Charlton, Gary Lineker and Jimmy Graves. 

With Kane only being only 28 years old and playing like one of the top finishers on the planet, Rooney's record is well within his sights. What was Poland thinking here? You can't let a guy of Kane's caliber have that much freedom. 

Unfortunately for England, Kane's effort wasn't enough, as Poland scored the equalizer in stoppage time. Nevertheless, the goal from the Tottenham star is going to be talked about for quite some time. 


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