Karry Kane was the hero for England on Tuesday

Harry Kane scores crucial goal in England win over Germany

All the attention has been on Harry Kane at the Euros of late, but for all the wrong reasons. The star Tottenham FC striker has been on a bit of a cold streak for his home country, as he had gone five matches without scoring for the English side. 

On Tuesday, England made history, as they beat Germany in the Euros Round of 16. It was the Three Lions' first win over Germany in a major tournament in 55 years. Thankfully for England, Kane sealed things with a fantastic header. 

Boom! That's not only what England needed, but what Kane needed too. He had been making plenty of headlines in recent games for not scoring. Folks were calling him overrated and saying he just couldn't deliver for England. 

You could tell the frustration was growing for him with each match he didn't score. You almost had to feel bad for the guy. Well, thanks to a fantastic cross from Jack Grealish with his left boot, Kane was able to end his cold streak and help his team record the big 2-0 win

Next up for England will be a showdown with the Ukraine in the quarterfinals. Ukraine punched its ticket with a thrilling win over Sweden in stoppage time in the Round of 16. England will of course be looked at as the monster favorite. 

In order for them to take down Ukraine and keep on advancing in the Euros, they'll surely need Kane to play his best. His performance against the Germans sure was great to see. 

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