Manchester City has pulled out from the European Super League

European Super League collapsed and fans are thrilled

When news dropped that 12 teams had confirmed to officially join the European Super League, there were basically riots all over Twitter with fans losing their minds over things. This league was going to change the game as we know it. 

However, little by little, teams have dropped after respective club's supporters voiced just how angry they are. Now, the Super League has basically collapsed and teams wasted no time in saying they want out. 

So, what was the Super League going to be? It was going to unite 20 of the biggest and best football clubs in the world going up against one another. However, the tradition of things would have gone to the wayside and the Champions League would have basically been turned upside down. 

This was the main complaint from folks all around the globe. UEFA was furious by this, as was FIFA. FIFA announced that any players who participated in the Super League would not be able to suit up in the World Cup. 

At the same time, UEFA said that Arsenal and Manchester United could face expulsion from the Europa League semifinals, while Chelsea and Manchester City could have also been removed from the Champions League. 

Talk about making a statement. Fortunately, the Super League won't be going down. For Manchester United, this madness led to chairman Ed Woodward announcing that he'll be resigning from his post after the 2021 season. 

All in all, the European Super League was nothing short of a complete mess. From this chair, we're thankful folks came to their senses and nothing will be moving forward. 

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