Is Erling Haaland headed to Real Madrid?

Erling Haaland reportedly dreaming of a move to Real Madrid

Erling Haaland to Real Madrid down the road? While this is amazing news for everyone who loves Real Madrid, the same can't be said for folks who support Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Barcelona and others. 

That's because the superstar striker has his sights on a move to Los Blancos instead of the English Premier League. According to football insider Gianluca Di Marzio, Haaland has made playing for Real Madrid his top priority. 

This is massive a update in the soccer world, as Haaland is without question one of the best goal-scorers in the world. With that said, countless teams are dreaming of landing him during the Summer Transfer Window in 2022. 

There was plenty of speculation about his future last summer, with a potential move to Chelsea FC in the cards. That didn't happen, though, and Haaland ended up staying with Dortmund.

Meanwhile for the Blues, they broke the bank to bring in Romelu Lukaku from Inter Milan. While Lukaku has battled some injuries, he's also put together some memorable performances for the EPL side. 

There was some hope from fans that Haaland would still make his way to London, but instead, it's looking more and more likely a move to La Liga will be on the way for Haaland. 

There's still plenty of time until the next Summer Transfer Window arrives, but Real Madrid fans sure are fired up over the thought of Haaland making plays for them. Only time will tell how things end up going down with the superstar player. 

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