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Racist hate against Bukayo Saka and England is horrible

On Sunday, English hearts broke all over the world when the Three Lions suffered a loss to Italy in the Euros Final. After Luke Shaw opened the scoring in the second minute, it looked like England was on its way to a win. 

In the end, however, Italy tied things up in the second half and then went on to lift the cup after winning the penalty shootout. For England, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka all missed their PKs. All three have received racist hate and it's nothing short of disgusting. 

There's simply no room in sports for this. Matter of fact, there's no room for it, period. Saka is a 19-year-old kid. The Arsenal star was fantastic throughout the Euros. Unfortunately, it was his missed PK that sealed England's loss. 

He broke down in tears. Again, this is just a teenager. For him to try and step up in that situation alone was unreal. He was devastated after his miss. And now to make things worse, he has to check his social accounts and see people throwing racist messages at him? Give us a break. 

Rashford just delivered an emotional post on Instagram. On top of losing the Euros Final, he also lost the Europa League Final with Manchester United. After that defeat, he also received racist messages. 

Countless folks have come out to support Saka, Sancho and Rashford. Here at Signables, we'll do the same. This group of England players helped bring the Three Lions to its best level of play in years. Rather than being hated, their performance throughout the tournament should be celebrated.

Only good things are coming ahead for England, and Saka, Rashford and Sancho will play major roles for titles runs in the future. 

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