A look at 10 must-follows on social media for Pumas fans.

10 best influencers for Pumas fans to follow on social media

The new Liga MX season has officially gotten underway, and Pumas fans are dreaming of the team being able to compete for a league title. While the competition is fierce, the team has what it takes to go on a deep run. 

And with Andres Lillini being named the official head coach in August, he's ready to lead the way. With that being said, social media accounts have really stepped their game up and getting you news at a moment's notice. In this piece, we take a look at the 10-best accounts you should be following. 

Holaauriazules on Instagram

Holaauriazules does amazing work on its Instagram page.

Starting us off on Instagram, we've got to go with Holaauriazules. This team delivers all the best and most up to date Pumas news you can think of. Whenever you're on their page, you'll find player quotes, states, updates and so much more. If you love Pumas, there's no reason to not be following these guys! 

Pumasmx_fanpage on Instagram

Pumas MX Fan Page on Instagram is well worth the follow.

Next up on the list is Pumasmx_fanpage, which also does a brilliant job of keeping Pumas fans in the know. With this specific page, some of their personalized graphics really are awesome to see. In addition, they also show plenty of love to players, both current and past. Be sure to give them a follow. 

Pumassolopumas on Instagram

Pumas Solo Pumas on IG is fun to follow.

Over at Pumassolopumas, jeez, what a tremendous job they do with their page as well. Here, you'll find all the team news you're looking for, but the posts they share also encourage fan engagement. Just looking at the comments on their account, Pumas supporters are all over them, interacting with each other. Follow them for sure. 

Rockcervazaypumas on Instagram

Rockcervezaypumas does amazing work on IG.

Their page name should say it all, as Rockcervezaypumas on Instagram is a whole lot of fun to follow. That's rock, beer and Pumas for those of you reading who don't speak Spanish. Their IG posts are always entertaining, especially their throwback photos. Do yourself a favor and follow them. 

Pumas En La Piel on Twitter

Pumas En La Piel on Twitter is phenomenal.

Now moving on to Twitter, Pumas En La Piel starts us off with a bang. With this account, we really enjoy their work in rounding up all the latest transfer rumors. They retweet and post their own info on players who could end up making the move to Pumas. They're on top of their game in this department, no doubt. 

Analisis Puma on Twitter

Analisis Puma on Twitter has been covering the team since 2013.

We of course had to bring up Analisis Puma, as this team is entering its eighth year covering the team. That's an outstanding achievement. Analisis Pumas prides itself on being a professional account, as they deliver game stories, reports from practice and more. They serve as beat writers for Pumas fans and we love it. 

Puma Experto on Twitter

Pumas Experto has all the goods for fans on Twitter.

With Puma Experto, the passion of this account stands out. With all of their tweets, you can tell just how much they care about the club. It's a fan account for the fans. They don't hold back in letting you know how they feel about Pumas, win or lose. It's awesome to see. 

PumasUNAM1954mx on Facebook

Be sure to follow this page on Facebook!

Moving to Facebook, PumasUnam1954mx has everything you need. Whether you're looking for transfer news, game updates, or even the latest news on uniform selections or changes in kits for the new season, this page is ready to deliver for you. Give them a 'like' and you'll always be caught up on Pumas! 

Goooya Universidad on Facebook

Gooya Universidad on Facebook is a go-to source for Pumas news.

Also on Facebook, there's NO reason whatsoever to not like and follow all the news that Goooya Universidad provides. This account always shares outstanding videos and photos, plus they have a great YouTube channel that you should check out as well. From top to bottom, they do a fantastic job keeping Pumas fans informed with what's going on. 

La Rebel Felina on YouTube

La Rebel Felina on YouTube is absolute gold.

Last up on our social media list is La Rebel Felina on YouTube. This account is one where you simply have to subscribe to them. They're constantly churning out new content, with their video hosts letting fans know just how much this team means to them. If you have spare time, be sure to watch some of their old videos. They're gold. 

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