Pierre-Emerick Aubameyand and Mikel Arteta have fans excited for the future

10 best influencers for Arsenal fans to follow on social media

Ever since Mikel Arteta returned to the Emirates Stadium as manager for Arsenal, there's been a complete culture change for the club. Fans are loving the new-found energy surrounding the squad, with the players getting better by the day.  

Between new signings, winning the FA Cup last season and the team getting ready to compete for more titles in the future, exciting times are most certainly coming for the Gunners. With that being said, there's no better time than now to stay engaged on social media to stay tuned in with what's happening with the club. 

Through our research, we've found 10 accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube that we'd highly recommend for Arsenal fans to follow, as the pages listed below to an incredible job of keeping you up to date on everything surrounding Arsenal FC. 

Gunner Talk on Instagram 

Gunner Talk is a must-follow for Arsenal fans.

To start things off, we've got to go with Gunner.Talk on Instagram. In their bio, it reads, 'Everything AFC' and they're not kidding. Whether you're looking for updates before a match, lineups, highlights and more, this account is ready to keep you informed with everything you need. Seriously, give them a follow. 

Arsenal Nation on Instagram

ArsenalNation2 is an outstanding account to follow.

Also on Instagram ArsenalNation2 has everything you need for Arsenal news as well. What we like about this page is how they do a great job of rounding up transfer rumors and updates. Just this week, ArsenalNation2 posted about a possible shock move to bring Christian Eriksen to the Emirates. That would really be something. 

Arsenal Inside on Instagram


Arsenal Inside provides all the info Gunners supporters need.

For all of the French Arsenal fans out there, and all fans for that matter, this account sure is special. Indeed, ArsenalInside_ shows special love to players from France, while also taking a look at the team as a whole. On this page, you'll find captions in both English and French, with the content focused on team news, transfers rumors and so much more. Great work here, guys! 

Arsenal News Channel on Instagram

Arsenal News Channel is surely a fun account to check out.

Last but not least on IG, @ArsenalNewsChannel proudly boasts more than 100,000 followers. That's surely an incredible milestone. With this account, fans really love the amazing job they do of rounding up posts on social media from players. Whether it's Aubameyang on a private jet or back in his home country, Arsenal News Channel keeps you informed with him and all the other Arsenal players too. It's a fun account to follow, no doubt. 

Gunner Blog on Twitter

Gunner Blog provides great pieces for Arsenal fans to enjoy

Moving over to Twitter, GunnerBlog does incredible, incredible work. Part of The Athletic, you'll be lucky to find an outlet that writes up better stories/pieces than Gunner Blog. An example would be their piece on how the signing of star midfielder Thomas Partey broke down right before the transfer deadline. It's an awesome piece. On their Twitter page too, you can also find all the team info you need. 

Gooner Eurychus on Twitter

Gooner_Eurychus will always have funny content for Arsenal fans

Oh man, if you love Arsenal and want to find some hilarious posts in one place, Gooner_Eurychus on Twitter is no question the place to bet. On top of the informative team news you might find on other outlets, this page will share and post their own creative content that's sure to make you laugh. Whether it's funny videos from team players, or comical shots at other teams (Man United for example), Gooner Eurychus has you set! 

Worldwide Arsenal on Twitter

WorldwideAFC has great throwback photos and videos.

Another great Twitter follow is certainly WorldwideAFC, an account which really connects Arsenal fans with multiple athletes. Worldwide Arsenal is also RT'ing video and news from other accounts, acting as a one-stop shop. The photos and videos they share on their own are also great. We particularly enjoy the throwbacks, which of course will make Gunners fans out there nostalgic in the best way possible. 

Arsenal Inside Out on Facebook

Arsenal Inside Out does amazing work on Facebook

If Facebook is your go-to social media source, Arsenal Inside Out should be at the top of your list for pages to engage with. The live videos alone is what helps separate them from other Arsenal pages. In these videos, the discussions are not only entertaining, but also informative. Here, you can find all kinds of updates for Arsenal FC. 

Breaking Arsenal News on Facebook

Arsenal Breaking News is an awesome Facebook page.

Also on Facebook, Breaking Arsenal News drops up-to-the-minute reports on Arsenal on its page. In terms of timeliness, no one does a better job of getting reports out on Facebook than this account. It's not just the senior squad, though. They'll have injury updates, lineups and more even for the U-23 side. There's fantastic analysis and team insights being published too. Like this page, you won't regret it. 

iGooner on YouTube

iGooner posts amazing YouTube videos for Arsenal fans.

In terms of amazing highlight clips, no one will fire up Arsenal fans more than iGooner on YouTube. The compilations are great, which consists of unforgettable memories and championship triumphs for the squad. You'll also be able to find list articles, like '7 times Aubameyang shocked the world', 'top 30 free kicks', '50 greatest goals of the decade' and the list goes on.

You might head in to watch one video, and then next thing you know you've watch seven or eight. That's how great the iGooner channel is. 

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