Barcelona reportedly set to make another run at PSG star Neymar this summer

Photo credit: PSG


The Neymar Jr. to Barcelona rumors are back already? Pardon us while we pretend to be shocked. Ever since the Brazilian forward left the Camp Nou to join PSG, he's been linked with an eventual return to the Catalan club. 


Now, reports have surfaced stating Barcelona will look to make their move during the summer to bring back the speedy goal artist.

You don't say? Word spread like wildfire last year Neymar wasn't happy in Paris and was looking for a return to his old stomping grounds. Throughout the summer, countless articles emerged he was set to head back to Barcelona, but nothing happened. 


With Barcelona once again making him a priority for next season, could something get done? While Neymar has enjoyed Ligue 1 success with Paris Saint-Germain, he hasn't had the same kind of European success with the club. 


When he was with Barcelona, teamed up with the likes of Lionel Messi, Neymar helped the club win the Champions League in 2015. In that final against Juventus, Neymar scored the final goal for his side in the 3-1 win. 


When Barcelona sold Neymar to PSG in 2017, it's been clear they've regretted the decision ever since. Now, only time will tell if a reunion is in store for Neymar and his former club. Should he return, you better believe the city will welcome him back with open arms and a parade will probably be thrown in his honor. 


However, PSG must decide first if they want to see one of the world's best players leave town. In the coming months, we'll see what happens.