Barcelona has won the La Liga title for the 27th time in history.

Barcelona wins the La Liga title for the 27th time in club history!

The wait is over for all of you Barcelona fans out there. Despite the club going through some lean campaigns in recent years, people all over Catalonia had a feeling that this would be the year where the La Liga giants raised the trophy once again. 

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On Sunday night, Barcelona took on cross-town rival Espanyol in a big road contest. With Robert Lewandowski stealing the show with two goals, Barcelona captured the three points. However, more importantly, they officially locked in their first La Liga title since 2019. 

Barcelona has captured the La Liga title for the first time since 2019

This has to be a great feeling for everyone in Barcelona - other than those who still are die-hard fans of Real Madrid. It wasn't meant to be for Los Blancos this year, but the same can't be said for Barcelona. 

Yes, there were some ups and down for the team, including being knocked out of the Champions League and Europa League early on. However, manager Xavi worked wonders with this team in 2022-23. 

As you might have been able to guess, the streets were packed on Monday to celebrate this new championship. Barcelona continues to make history, as this is now La Liga title No. 27 for them. Unreal! 

As you can see from that video above, everyone is all smiles to honor Barcelona's latest achievement. Xavi has people believing again in this group and it's easy to see why. Barcelona is once again the top club in Spain, and no one can deny that fact. 




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