Antonio Conte bans pizza at Tottneham

Antonio Conte bans Pizza at Tottemham just like he did at Chelsea

New Tottenham manager Antonio Conte means business. The new Spurs head man is focused on bring back trophies to North London and he's ready to do whatever is needed to make sure that job gets done. 

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This includes banning his players from eating pizza? According to insider Kristof Terreur, Conte indeed is banning his players from eating pizza, plus they're no longer allowed to enjoy ketchup, brown sauce, fizzy drinks and sky sauce. Whoa. 

Incredibly, Conte also did this five years ago at Chelsea. Hey, it worked for the Blues that season, as Chelsea went on to win the title and the club was seven points clear of, you guessed it, Tottenham. 

With Spurs in the middle of a rough campaign, Conte really is letting folks know he's going to be expecting the very best of his players whenever they're on the pitch. At the same time, he expects guys to take care of their bodies when they're off of it. 

So, say the lads have a night off and want to rest at home. They'll no longer be able to call their local pizzeria and order some slices to enjoy. Soda too? No chance Conte will allow that to be consumed. 

As things stand, Tottenham is currently in ninth place of the Premier League Table. With Spurs not even close to being in the Top 4 right now, Conte is hopeful that a change in diet will motivate his players to kick things into a new gear. 

THFC fans are tired of watching the club play in the Europa League. They want Spurs back in the Champions League. We'll see if this no-pizza rule gets things done for Conte and his men. 

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