Alexandre Lacazette has signed with Lyon after leaving Arsenal.

Alexandre Lacazette signs with Lyon after leaving Arsenal

It's been a busy week for Alexandre Lacazette, as the star goal-scorer has a new home. It was announced recently that Lacazette would not be returning to Arsenal FC next season, as he became a free agent. 

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Soon after that, it was revealed that Lacazette was interested in a reunion with Lyon of Ligue 1, his former club. Now, it's been made official, as Lacazette has inked a multi-year deal with the club. 

"I took some time to make my decision," Lacazette said via The Sun. "Football is a beautiful profession. It was complicated to follow OL’s last season from a distance because I couldn’t help.

"I hope this period is over and that we are going to find a great Lyon. The priority is above all to help the club return to the top of the bill with European qualification."

Despite Lacazette being excited about the future with Lyon, this is a bit of a tough pill to swallow for Arsenal fans. It also marks the end of an era, as Lacazette is now with Lyon and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is with Barcelona. 

Those two provided the Gunners supporters with countless amazing memories. However, that's all in the past now, as Arsenal has decided to move in a different direction for the future.

There's plenty of excitement for AFC and things sure do look bright. Even though Lacazette is no longer with the club, plenty of people in London will keep supporting him. 

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