Bob Bradley's time with Swansea was a disaster.

Who are the 5 worst EPL managers of all time?

In the English Premier League, we've seen some managers go on to re-write the record books during their time leading teams. Guys like Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger, to name a few, have changed the game as we know it. 

On the other hand, however, we've also seen other managers completely bottle it in charge and have put forth some embarrassing records. With that said, we're taking a look at the five worst EPL managers of all time below. You won't believe some of these stats.

Huddersfield manager Jan Siewert

Things really could not have gone much worse for Jan Siewert at Huddersfield during his short time running the club. The German arrived to Huddersfield in 2019, but managed one win, 12 defeats and two draws in 15 EPL matches. 

Those numbers are nothing short of embarrassing and of course led to him being sacked. That's not going to cut it in any league.

Southampton manager Steve Wigley 

Back in 2004, Steve Wigley took over as caretaker for Southampton and fans were furious with the decision. Their anger proved to be on point, as Wigley only lasted 14 games as the club's manager.

In those matches, Southampton only recorded one victory. Understandably, his time was cut short with the team. 

Swansea City manager Bob Bradley

Things really were over before they really even started for Bob Bradley at Swansea City in 2016, as he was with the club for only 85 days. That's insane! He became the first American to become manager in the EPL, but was out after 11 matches. 

In those 11 games, Swansea City won two, lost two and had seven ties. After a 4-1 loss to West Ham, the board decided enough was enough and sent Bradley packing. 

Tottenham manager Jacques Santini

Look away Spurs fans, as the name Jacques Santini probably still infuriates you. The Frenchman was brought to London in 2014 as Tottenham manager, but was out after only 13 games.

He ended up quitting from his post, with reports stating that he was constantly arguing with sporting director Frank Arnesen. Santini's time with the club was basically a disaster from the start. 

Crystal Palace manager Frank De Boer

If you've been following the English Premier League for a while, then you already knew Frank De Boer was going to be at the top of this list. De Boer made his way to Crystal Palace in 2017, but was fired after only four games in charge... four!

In those four losses, Crystal Palace didn't score a single goal. The board cut its losses way earlier than anyone could have imagined. To be fired after only four games is a total embarrassment, which is why De Boer is No. 1 here. No one has forgotten about Jose Mourinho calling him the worst EPL manager of all time either. 

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