Steven Gerrard will surely never forget the Miracle in Istanbul

Top 5 moments in Liverpool history

Since 1892, Liverpool FC has cemented itself as one of the best clubs in not only England, but also Europe. Seriously, for years and years, the Reds have recorded some incredible history. 

In recent years, Liverpool is back to its best form, winning the Champions League and the English Premier League titles in back-to-back seasons. In the middle of the 2020-21 campaign, the Reds once again look poised to capture the league. With that being said, narrowing down the club's best five moments is no easy task, but we've decided to try and do so below. 

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5- The FA Cup Final in 1989

The FA Cup Final win for Liverpool in 1989 was a special one.

This was an incredibly emotional FC Cup Final for both Liverpool FC and their biggest rivals, Everton. That's because the match came just about a month after the tragic 'Hillsborough Disaster' where more than 100 LFC fans unfortunately passed away. 

Despite the two clubs forming one of the biggest and most-hated rivalries in European soccer, the two clubs were united from the start of that match. Liverpool ended up winning the FA Cup, but the scenes after the match where the two teams joined together to celebrate and honor the lost victims is something LFC and Everton fans will never forget. 

4- Bill Shankly arrives to Liverpool in 1959

Bill Shankly will always be a Liverpool legend.

If there's one hero to be brought up on this list, it no question has to be Bill Shankly. Before Shankly arrived to Liverpool in 1959, the team was a bit of a laughingstock, playing its soccer in the second division. 

As soon as Shankly took over, however, he worked on completely changing the culture of the club. He did that and more, as Liverpool went on to win three league titles under his direction. Shankly is a club legend, with LFC fans everywhere always honoring him. 

3- Liverpool's Miracle in Istanbul back in 2005

The infamous Miracle in Istanbul for Liverpool FC

If you're a Liverpool FC fan who not only traveled to Istanbul to watch the Champions League Final vs. AC Milan, but also stayed for the whole thing and didn't leave when the team was down 3-0, what a story you can tell all your friends. 

Indeed, LFC trailed 3-0, but then an unreal comeback in the second half evened up the score at 3-3. This battle ended up going to a penalty shootout, with the Reds doing the unthinkable and stunning Milan. It will go down in history as one of the best comebacks in Champions League history. A true Miracle in Istanbul. 

2- Bob Paisley powering Liverpool to its first European win in 1977

Bob Paisley had tremendous European success with Liverpool.

Similar to Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley will go down as one of the best Liverpool managers of all time. Paisley took over the team three years after Shankley retired and immediately helped make a difference for the club. This includes LFC capturing its first European title in 1977, with the Reds taking down Borussia Monchengladbach in Rome. 

That wasn't the only European success for Shankley with Liverpool, as the club won a total of three European Cups under him as coach. The first was the most memorable one, however, with the 1977 triumph helping change the club's rich history. 

1- Liverpool wins the league title in 2020 after 30-year wait 

Liverpool's 2019-20 winning season was pure class.

Was the wait worth it, Liverpool fans? Last season, LFC recorded one of the most brilliant campaigns in English Premier League history, scoring 99 points in its league-winning season. For LFC, it of course marked its first EPL title in 30 years, which is wild to think about. 

Throughout last season, Liverpool was simply sensational. With Virgil van Dijk leading the defense and stars like Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and others scoring brilliant goals, Liverpool was an absolute force.

While the season was paused because of the coronavirus pandemic, that didn't stop Liverpool from finally raising the trophy over the summer. This was their title and they absolutely deserved it.

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