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10 best influencers for Tottenham fans to follow on social media

After finishing last season in sixth place of the English Premier League table, Tottenham Hotspur have emerged as one of the best teams in the EPL this campaign. Yup, Jose Mourinho has Spurs playing like true contenders to win the title. 

With things going great over in north London, there's no better time than now for fans to follow several social media accounts to stay tuned in all on things Tottenham Hotspur. So, which pages are a must?

In this piece, we take a look at 10 influencers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube who really do incredible work both during the campaign and offseason.  

THFCReport on Instagram

THFCReport is a must-follow for Spurs fans.

Starting off on our list, we've got to go with @THFCReport. The posts are non-stop on this page, providing you with all the news you need for Spurs. What we really like about their page is the pre-game and post-game coverage. In terms of updates and even key stats, this page has at all.

If for whatever reason you can't tune in to a match, THFCReport makes you feel like you haven't missed a second. Keep up the great work! 

HotSpurDZN on Instagram

HotSpurDNZ does great work on Tottenham coverage.

This list of course has to include the team over at HotSpurDZN, a page which also does a fabulous job of keeping fans updated for games as well. Not only that, the post-match coverage is superb.

In addition, they do a great job of keeping fans engaged with players' lives at the international level and off the pitch as well. If you haven't done so already, give this account a follow. 

Spurs.Army on Instagram 

Spurs Army provides great THFC content.

Kudos to Spurs.Army for the job they do each and every single day to keep THFC fans informed on all things going on with the club. We love the graphics they make, especially the ones where they highlight player quotes.

It's not limited to players, though, that was much clear in a Pep Guardiola post where the Man City manager discussed Tottenham's chances of winning the league. Spurs.Army is always doing strong work! 

THFC.Fans on Instagram

THFC.Fans is amazing for Spurs posts.

Of all the Instagram accounts on our list, THFC.Fans stands out as a page that's made by fans, for the fans. Here, you'll of course find the typical updates for games and transfer news, but you can also find hilarious memes too.

Such was the case with this particular Harry Kane post. THFC.Fans will always be there to make you smile, while also letting you know what's going on with the club. 

The Spurs Express on Twitter

The Spurs Express is an amazing Tottenham account

Moving over to Twitter, The Spurs Express will always be a fan favorite. Starting this season, they've implemented a new vote/rankings system after matches for Tottenham supporters everywhere to share their thoughts on how players performed.

How sweet is that? Not only that, they also constantly share great team photos and videos. Follow them, trust us. 

Daily Hotspur on Twitter 

Daily Hotspur on Twitter is an easy follow for Tottenham fans.

Certainly one of the best Twitter accounts is Daily Hotspur, which stands out because of the great work they do throughout the week. With Daily Hotspur, the photos and videos are great, especially for the press conferences after a win.

Whether it's in the Premier League or Europa League, the post-game highlights and conference coverage is unbeatable with Daily Hotspur. 

Last Word on Spurs on Twitter 

Last Word on Spurs provides daily Tottenham content.

In terms of a one-stop shop, Last Word on Spurs really has it all for Tottenham fans. This account provides daily content, but they also have an incredible podcast that fans will surely want to listen to on a consistent basis. 

A wide range of topics are discussed on the podcasts, with special guests being featured as well. Do we really have to tell you twice to follow these guys? Just do it! 

Tottenham Hotspur Funnies on Facebook

Tottenhan Hotspur Funnies will always make you laugh.

What else is there to say about this account other than it's simply gold. Good luck scrolling through the Tottenham Hotspur Funnies page without laughing.

Yes, you'll have team updates, but there's also posts and memes that troll other players and clubs, of course including Arsenal. Everything that goes up here is bound to make you laugh! 

Tottenham Hotspur - Pride of London on Facebook

Tottenham Hotspur - Pride of London is a must like on Facebook.

If you're not on Twitter or Instagram, Tottenham Hotspur - Pride of London has everything you need for Facebook. Game updates, post-match coverage and funny memes? Yes indeed, you can find that on this page. 

This account also helps fans stay engaged with the club with some great videos. We appreciate this page's efforts on Facebook, as they really do a wonderful job from top to bottom! 


We Are Tottenham TV on YouTube

We Are Tottenham TV provides amazing videos on YouTube

Over on YouTube, does anyone do a better job than We Are Tottenham TV across the board? Absolutely not! Man, these guys are FIRED UP to be Tottenham fans and it shows.

All the content posted on their YouTube channel is delivered with incredible passion. It makes checking out their content so much more enjoyable. We love this channel and are confident our readers will too. 

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