Manchester City has won two of the last three EPL titles.

10 best influencers for Manchester City fans to follow on social media

While Man United fans might claim they have the best team in town, there's no arguing with the fact that Manchester City has won two of the last three English Premier League titles. How's that for dominance? 

With Pep Guardiola at the helm as manager, City has been outstanding, with star players like Raheem Sterling, Kevin De Bruyne, Ederson and others recording brilliant plays each game. With things so great surrounding the club, there are of course some amazing influencers who post great content.

With that being said, which 10 are must follows for City fans? We take a look below. 

Man City Xtra on Instagram

Man City Xtra is an amazing Instagram account.

To start things off on Instagram, what a job the squad over at Man City Xtra does. They provide all kinds of content, including great "on this day" posts to really make Manchester City fans feel nostalgic. If you want game/transfer/team updates, these lads have you covered.

Oh and by the way, they also have a spectacular podcast. If you're a die-hard City fan, you've simply got to check out Man City Xtra. 

No. 1 City Fan Account on Instagram

No. 1 City Fan Account does amazing work on IG.

Staying on IG, the No. 1 City Fan Account is also another page that is a no-brainer to follow. Everything you could imagine about Man City is posted through this account. What we really like about this page, and what makes them stand out, is the great quote posts they provide.

The fun content includes an Ederson image where the Brazilian keeper discusses his dreams of winning the Champions League with City. Don't think twice, follow this account! 

Manchester Iconic on Instagram

Manchester Iconic is a must-follow for City fans.

Keeping up with the IG accounts, Manchester Iconic surely does amazing work on a day-to-day basis. They post some truly head-turning graphics. At the same time, we love their transfer updates.

This a great way for fans to stay engaged on what the board is thinking for possible additions. We've seen that of late on Manchester Iconic with posts on both Erling Haaland and Jack Grealish. Keep up the awesome work! 

Mancity.Fans 94 on Instagram

This account provides amazing game coverage.

Last but most certainly not least on IG, you've got to give the group over at Mancity.Fans94 a follow. This page also provides amazing, quality content every day. These guys also provide amazing coverage of City games. 

Before matches, you'll be able to find the lineups and so much more. After things come to a close, you'll see stats, photos from the games and a whole lot of other great posts. They also post a tremendous amount of info through their IG stories as well. 

City Chief on Twitter

City Chief on Twitter is a one-stop shop for Man City news.

Moving over to Twitter, we're starting things off by giving praise to the guys over at City Chief. Everything you could imagine when it comes to Manchester City news is on this Twitter page. 

The great thing about this account is how well they cover press conferences. If you need to get caught up on Pep Guardiola's most-recent session, City Chief will literally have everything you need. There's top-level transfer updates and plenty more with them too. 

Man City Report on Twitter

Man City Report on Twitter is gold

If you're looking for incredible Manchester City videos, there's no other place to look for on Twitter than Man City Report. They'll have videos posted of press conference for Guardiola and players for you whenever you need them. 

Also, this account does great work with some blast from the past videos. Nothing will bring a smile to your face more than watching historic Man City goals on your Twitter timeline. Thanks to Man City Report, they'll have it front and center. 

ManCityzens on Twitter

ManCityzens is amazing on Twitter and with its podcast

Also on Twitter, ManCityzens keeps City fans up to date with brilliant team content. This isn't just a Twitter account, though, as this team also features a podcast and has strong written content on their website as well.

On Twitter, you can find game stats, predicted lineups, awesome photos... you name it. 

Manchester is Blue on Facebook 

Manchester is Blue on Facebook is phenomenal.

You didn't think we'd forget about great Facebook pages, did you? At the top of the list has to the Manchester is Blue on FB. In terms of fan engagement, their work is phenomenal.

Here, you'll find photos, videos, transfer news and even images of some epic Man City fan tattoos. Take a listen to their podcast as well when you have some free time and make sure to like their Facebook page! 

Man City Now News on Facebook 

Man City Now News on Facebook is amazing.

Additionally on Facebook, what a job Man City Now News does every single day for the biggest of City fans. On this FB page, you're going to find all the stats, player updates and transfer news you can think of.

Proudly holding more than 60,000 likes, this account takes its job seriously and won't disappoint you when you're in search of the biggest and latest Manchester City posts. 

City Xtra on YouTube

City Xtra on YouTube provides incredible videos.

Closing things out on YouTube, goodness me, is there a better channel than City Xtra? Probably not. The passion posted in each one of their clips is nothing short of impressive.

Fans will love their videos too, as not only are they entertaining, but they're loaded with useful information and stats with the club. You're of course going to find the latest breakdowns on transfer rumors too. Subscribe to this page and watch their brilliant videos for yourself! 

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